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InTown Price List 2017

Majors Mobile Detailing 10 Years Service Area

Majors Mobile Detailing InTown Rates 2017

If you live or work in town of “America’s Most Livable City” Pittsburgh, PA. You are able to: shop; dine; & be entertained in town. With out having to leave your loft or condo. Why do you have to leave downtown to get you vehicle cleaned? Majors is your choice for washing & detailing your vehicles. “We come to you” We offer “InTown” pricing* and a Pick Up/Delivery service. All of our detailers are insured.

*Service rates do not include parking fees.

InTown Auto
Pickup & Delivery Service $20 $20
Exterior Clean $25 $35
Interior Clean $25 $35
Concourse Interior $125 $140
Wash & Wax $50 $60
Express Detailing $50 $60
Mini Detailing $89 $105
Basic Detailing $149 $165
Concourse Detailing $250 $270
Total Package $420 $450

Before and After

Before and After

Majors Mobile Maintenance 2017 Price List

Oil Change

CONVENTIONAL: Includes filter & five qtrs. of  motor oil, check of battery & charging system, top off of tire  pressure, transmission & washer fluid.


SYNTHETIC: Includes filter & five quarters of  synthetic motor oil, check of battery & charging system, top off of tire pressure, transmission & washer fluid.


HIGH MILAGE: Includes filter & five quarters of high mileage motor oil, check of battery & charging system, top off of tire pressure, transmission & washer fluid.


Air & Cabin Filters

Air filter change: Includes check of battery,  charging system, top off of oil, tire pressure,   transmission & washer fluid, $15+ the cost of air filter for your vehicle

$15 + cost of filter

Cabin air filter change: Includes filter and, top off of oil, tire pressure, transmission & washer fluid, $15+ the cost of filter for your vehicle

$15 + cost of filter

Wiper Blades & Safety

Wiper blades: Includes ft. wiper blades only.


Wiper blades: Includes ft. & rear wiper blades.


Pre-Inspection: Includes; Windshield Wipers, Washer Fluid, Tire tread, Tire pressure, Headlights, Turn signals, Oil Level, Coolant level, Transmission Fluid Level, Brake Fluid Level.


150 point pre-purchase Inspection: Inspect before you buy


Majors Mobile Detailing 2017 Marine Price List


Hand Wash

$7 per ft.

Hand Wash & Wax

$9 per ft.

Buff & Polish

$11 per ft.


Vacuum and Shampoo Carpet, Shampoo Seats or  Vinyl/Plastic/Leather Seat Conditioning, Wipe-down windows, cockpit, living areas, & door panels.

$4.50 per ft.


$7.50 per ft.

Interior Vacuum, clean & protect dash, windows

$6 per ft.

Majors Time Line


Majors Created


First Commercial Contract - Keith Bullard Auto Liquidation Center


World of Wheels Promotion


Pit Stop Parking


Amsoil Dealership


First Regional Contract Zip Car


First Manufacture Contract - Chevrolet Volt Introduction 


First Majors Radio Spots on KQV


Liberty Center Location Opened


First Film Production Contract - Concussion


Majors Mobile Detailing YouTube Channel Created

Vehicles have always been a part of my life. As a child, I built bicycles and model cars. If it had wheels, I tried to race it. If it had an engine, I wanted to make it go faster. My grandfather was a great facilitator in my love of cars. Being mechanically minded, he could watch something being  taken apart and from memory; put it back together. He loved showing his grandson (me) how to do everything he knew how to do which included basic car maintenance.

By the time I was a licensed driver, my chores included cleaning and maintaining my parents, grandfathers and great uncles vehicles. My own car came during college along with helping my friends with their vehicles. By this time, I had a reputation for never having a “dirty car.”

I never thought about detailing professionally until 2006. I wanted a business that had something to do with cars. My wife and her   grandmother suggested car detailing because of the comments people made about their cars after I detailed them. It made sense & Majors Mobile Detailing was established. The company is named in honor of my grandfather. His name was Major.

Man with Grandchild