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Why a Prime 5 List

The Majors Mobile Detailing Prime Listings. Why prime and not a top ten. We know prime numbers are special because they can be divided, only by itself and by One. Then you have the Prime rate. The term originally indicated the interest rate at which banks lent to favored customers—i.e., those with good credit. Prime time Television is the time of day with the most viewers. The US Department of Agriculture uses "prime" to indicate top quality cuts of meat. Then you have Prime Time Deion Sanders the only person to play in both a Super Bowl and the World Series. The only athlete

ever to hit a home run and get a touchdown in the same seven-day period.

As you can see Prime translates to “special”. That’s why Majors Mobile Detailing Prime will strive to make sure every customer is a Prime customer.

Happy Motoring.

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