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Large Truck & SUV Services

Welcome to the Majors Mobile Detailing Auto Services information page. We are the premier provider of Mobile Detailing services in South Western Pennsylvania. Our mission is to help a truck or SUV owner maintain the monetary and aesthetic value of their automobile. The mobile service we offer is designed to fit a customer’s lifestyle. We bring our detailing service to our customers. So no matter where you are or what you are doing Majors Mobile Detailing will lovingly hand wash, polish, and detail your car. You will be able to leave work, the beauty salon, or the golf course with a clean car. A clean car drives better and feels better.

Express: Exterior Wash - $50.00

Hand wash of car body to improve and maintain color.

Express: Interior Wash - $45.00

Clean Dash, Console, and Door Panels, Vacuum Carpets

Wash & Wax - $90.00

Hand wash and wax of car body.

Basic Inside & Out - $85.00

Ext. Wash, Vacuum, Clean, & Protect, Window, Door Jambs

Basic Detailing - $179.00

Washing and Hand Waxing of Car Body, Silicon Dressing for tires, Q-Tip Cleaning of Dash, Console and Door Panels, Vacuuming of Carpets

Concourse Engine Detailing - $75.00

Engine steam cleaning, Rubber protection, Sealant

Concourse Paint Detailing - $189.00

Concourse Paint Cleaning, Ext Wash, Cleaning & Buffing Compound, Sealant & Wax.

Concourse Interior Detailing - $139.00

Interior Detailing includes basic interior cleaning, Carpet Vacuuming and Shampoo, Shampoo Seats or Leather Seat Conditioning

Total Package - $439.00

Ext Wash of car body to improve and maintain color, window panels, bumpers, handles, headlights, mirros, taillights, tires, and rims. Cleaning and Buffing Compound, Sealant & Wax, Engine Detailing, Carpet Shampoo, Leather/Vinyl Cleaning

Headlight Restoration - $59.99

Headlights become dull and cloudy from UV rays. Weather light or severe oxidation, get them renewed. Includes polish compound $ wax.

Pet Hair Removal - $40.00

Are you a pet lover? Get your interior cleaned and all dog or cat hair removed. Includes Vacuuming of Carpets, Cleaning of Dash, Console, and Door Panels

Odor Removal - $69.99

Odors inside your vehicle can be caused by humans, pets, foods, etc. Includes sterilization or hand sprayed deodorizers.

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